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I've had the problem of Confluence not being ranked well in Google, so I'm sharing the tool I've built, SEO Manager add-on for Confluence.

How to install

If you want the SEO Add-on to override your page title, please go to Confluence Administration -> Layouts -> Main Layout -> Edit and replace:

#if ($sitemeshPage.getProperty("page.spacename"))
    <title>$title - $sitemeshPage.getProperty("page.spacename") - #siteTitle()</title>
    <title$gt;$title - #siteTitle()</title>


${seomanager.getTagsHtml($sitemeshPage, $body)}


Write a sitemap.xml and robots.txt

For each page, define a description (to be displayed in the search engine) and an image

Available on the Atlassian Marketplace!




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