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SQL Connector

End of life for the SQL Connector: 31 December 2020 (with tolerance for existing customers — Please contact us).

Play SQL Spreadsheets (Cloud)

End of life for Play SQL Spreadsheet (cloud version only): 31 December 2020 (with tolerance for existing customers — Please contact us).

The Server version of Play SQL Spreadsheets remains available.

Dear customers,

We are retiring 2 cloud apps pertaining to SQL, because ensuring data security and maintaining the servers upgraded is a huge task.

We will focus on Requirement Yogi Server/Data Center, and develop a Cloud version, which does 10x more sales.

We will keep all our Server apps, but Atlassian is retiring the Server products.

The story

It has been an awesome ride and we were proud of the software we've achieved with Play SQL Spreadsheets. However, it never met the commercial success we expected. We have to admit that Requirement Yogi produces 10x the revenue of our Play SQL suite, and service providers across the world love using it. With time, we've added many apps that we maintain on the Atlassian Marketplace and it has become too many for us. We want to reduce the quantity of software we maintain, and focus on software we can afford to satisfyingly develop.

Play SQL Spreadsheets always produced two kinds of reactions:

  • "This is technically awesome, I love it!" – by all those who write SQL fluently,
  • "Why does it have constraints that Excel doesn't have?" – by all other users.

The first part was very encouraging, but we never reached enough revenue to hire people who would tune and polish the software to make it easy to use for the second group of people. We wanted to be "Excel with a database behind", "the Microsoft Access for Confluence", and be as good as the likes of FieldBookApp or Airtable, but they had millions of funding while we didn't.

Another aspect is security. One part is to explain the security model to customers and what potential risks are involved. Another part comes with the migration to the Cloud, we now also have to be more responsible for the data we manage. Therefore, we estimate the risk of security vulnerabilities or simple misunderstandings about data visibility with the users wasn't worth the revenue we made from it.

As a consequence, we are discontinuing Play SQL Spreadsheets (Cloud). We will maintain Play SQL Spreadsheets (Server) for the remaining life of Atlassian's Server products, i.e. until 02/02/2024. There will be no evolutions. We will certainly drop Play SQL Base a bit earlier, which we will decide later.


We have to strike a balance between giving you time to migrate data, respecting our commitments and being able to implement the end-of-life.

We want to ensure you can keep using the Server app

Although we retire the Cloud version, we are ready to work on a one-by-one basis to make sure you:

  • Understand the security model of Play SQL Spreadsheet,
  • If so, we can maintain the compatibility with Confluence, for the usual price of renewed licenses, if you want to keep creating data in Play SQL Spreadsheets on your Confluence Server installation.

We believe this is the best balance between end-of-life and calm migration.

New installationsExisting customers
Play SQL Spreadsheets (Cloud)New installations will be blocked, starting from 31/09/2020. Existing customers will be strongly encouraged to migrate,
and the service will remain available until 31/12/2020 or the
term of their license, whichever comes later.
Play SQL Spreadsheets (Server)

We maintain it.

But Atlassian is retiring Confluence Server.

No Data Center version in sight.

We do not retire the Server version, but Atlassian
is retiring the Server version of Confluence.

SQL Connector (Cloud)New installations are blocked since 31/09/2020.

Existing customers are strongly encouraged to migrate.

We will retire the service on 31/12/2020, or the term of your license.
No new license should be created starting from 01/01/2020.

New queries can't be created in the SQL Connector.

Play SQL Base (Server)We discourage new installations.It may be retired earlier than 2024, we'll announce it later if we
take this decision.

Maintenance – Understanding the risks

Since we notice this has been often overlooked, we demand again that you ensure you understand the security model of these apps:

  • As a general rule, this kind of software allows all users to access (view, edit and delete) all data in all spaces, through the means of SQL queries.
  • The fact that we limit visibility of data (for example so that each space has their main data, but can access other spaces), doesn't mean users can't access (view, edit and delete) non-immediately visible data.
  • Despite our attention to detail, the nature of this product is to allow users to write SQL queries in free form in various places, and therefore we can't provide guarantees that those SQL queries won't be used to view, edit or delete data of other users. Again, this is the nature of this type of apps.

The security model is that all users can view, edit and delete all data from all spaces in the database.

Migration options

The software allows exports in:

  • Excel, without formulas,
  • SQL backups, with formulas stored in the table PLAYSQL_FORMULA_DEPENDENCIES as stored our software (It is quite nicely done, humans will appreciate).

However, given there exist no standard for expressions of formulas, we cannot guarantee a way to automatically read formulas in some other software. In most situations, you will have to write formulas again in other software.


There is a huge amount of apps, compared to 7 years ago! Among them:

Database management toolSpreadsheets and smart tablesForms
On the Atlassian Marketplace

Cloud versions:

Outside the Atlassian ecosystem
  • Airtable
  • Some features in Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Forms
  • TypeForms
  • Many others

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