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First month is free using the evaluation license, for the full featured product!



10 users

(tick) Get started here for your team

25 users50 users100 users500 usersMore
Play SQL Base (1)FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeSee enterprise pricing
Play SQL Spreadsheets (2)$10
 The price is set to $10 up to 50 users because most of our income comes from entreprise instances.
Play SQL FormsFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Atlassian Confluence (3)$10$1200 (4)$2200$4000$8000

(1) Play SQL Base lets you learn SQL, create charts, use wizards, use copy-paste and work in read-only mode on a database,

(2) Play SQL Spreadsheets lets you create tables and manage data in Confluence.

(3) Atlassian Confluence is the enterprise collaboration software that you won't regret buying (French link). It is required for Play SQL Spreadsheets.

(4) All prices are for comparison purpose only. Please refer to the Marketplace or the Atlassian website for official prices.


How it works

Play SQL is an extension of Atlassian Confluence. It is recommended you start with the $70 option for your 10-people team, then upgrade to your whole company when you notice how much value you get out of it.

Atlassian Confluence and Play SQL can be downloaded and installed by your system administrator on your servers. In most companies, Confluence starts on a PC under a desk, then gets graduated as a corporate tool after the team makes a demonstration of efficiency to the head of department.

Download Confluence for evaluation here and the Play SQL extension on the Marketplace.

Why is Atlassian Confluence required?

Play SQL will become a separate product in the future, but it relies on Confluence for now because it's the ideal way to present reports. However, you won't regret buying Confluence for a part of your intranet. How do you share work documents in your company? If your process involves emails and Word, you're doing something wrong. Documents should be online and you shouldn't have to open files to see the contents. Confluence lets you edit online pages in a very ergonomic way. Pasting images is the killer feature, the best way to discuss about your designs in a team. Confluence has widgets ("macros") that you configure to render any kind of content: Youtube videos, tables of contents, status lozenges and... spreadsheets. While Microsoft Word is file-centric, and Google Docs document-centric, Atlassian Confluence pages are linked to each other and lets you browse and reach the data when you need it. No need to forward updates to your colleagues. The latest specs are online, beautiful and with the latest comments.

Editing documents online in such an easy way is so addictive that I'm even using Confluence when I work alone. In fact in my previous company, we didn't even have Microsoft Word anymore.

Play SQL fits in Confluence because it adopts the same patterns. While Google Spreadsheets is centered on one table, a Play SQL database contains multiple tables designed to be linked to each other. Like text and images for Confluence, users will collaborate on tables in Play SQL. Therefore it makes sense to integrate Confluence and Play SQL by default, and you won't regret it.

Benefit from the Atlassian ecosystem

Atlassian has an extraordinary growth due to the word-of-mouth. Hundreds of companies provide consulting and extensions for Atlassian products. They are known for the Legendary Support and rumour has it that software is a simple side-effect of their main business: Gathering smart and clever people in the same room. If you don't know them enough to use their best practices, you'd better get started today.



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