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  • Rule: Play SQL defines one connection per Space.
  • You can define a default connection for spaces which are not configured.
  • You can disable connections per space or disable for the whole instance.


  • Global Administrators can modify all connections.
  • Space Admins can modify their Space connection only.
  • …Unless the Global Administrator forbids the Space Admins from modifying their connection.


JavaJRE 7

JRE 6 has been eol'd by Oracle in July 2012 and by Atlassian in Confluence 5.0 (February 2013).

Play SQL does not support Java 6 since version 2.8.

DatabasesPostgreSQL (9.0) for production and HSQLDB for evaluationFor other databases, see "Does Play SQL support MS SQL, MySQL or Oracle?"
Connection typesJNDI or direct JDBCPrefer JNDI. JNDI connections are defined by the system administrator in Tomcat. In most situations, JNDI connections are more efficient because they are pooled.
BrowsersChrome, Firefox, IE10+.Not compatible with Internet Explorer 8. For Internet Explorer, please submit reports when some feature doesn't work.



  • Space Admins can define an “initialization SQL” executed before each query. It’s your opportunity to limit the session permissions.
  • System Administrators can set a maximum number of rows.
  • All users with access to the space can submit the SQL query of their choice. If you host sensitive data, create a restricted user in Postgres.
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