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Highlight of the release

  • Relationships between tables ! Also known as foreign keys, for people familiar with databases.


We can now paste images in cells, once the type of the column is "image".

Relationships between tables / Foreign keys

Please see Release Notes 3.0 - Foreign keys.

Previously – Charts !

There are 3 kinds of charts: line chart, bar chart and pie chart.

You'll find more informations on the Charts page, but there are plenty of things you can do:

More informations: Release Notes 2.13 - Charts.

Feature convergence between Cloud and Server

It has taken us a year instead of 2 months as originally planned, but it's released. See Differences between Server and Cloud:

FeatureServerNow on CloudDetails
Sorting and autofilters(tick)(tick)
Audit Trail(tick)(tick)Available on Cloud! It shows the history of a spreadsheet.
SQL Queries(tick)(tick)Queries are available in Cloud!
Joint Tables(tick)(tick)Joint tables allow you to display two tables in a single window, match rows and edit the right hand side.
SQL API(tick)(star)Not available yet.
Excel Export(tick)(tick)Available in Cloud!

Will not be available in Cloud.

Page and User renderers(tick)(error)Will not be available in Cloud.

The pricing will remain the same for the next 2 months at least, plus 2 months grandfathering for existing users. After that, we may think about applying the normal prices as initially explained, depending on our costs and progress.

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