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Blueprints are only available to guide you. They are not required for the normal behavior of Requirement Yogi.

  • Requirement Yogi has 3 blueprints.
  • RY Test & Compliance has 1 blueprint (the test session).


Start with the PRD

  • Everything is mostly explained on the document,
  • No part is mandatory. Customize at will!
  • The gray icons in the table headers on this blueprint specify that the "Description" column is the only text that is extracted for the requirement, and the "Related Requirements" should be displayed under the "related" property in the requirement.

Baseline blueprint

We've already explained in Baselines and versioning how to create baselines. Once again, using the blueprint isn't necessary as long as you use the macro.


This is not the best place to start a dictionary: Better start with the inline creation dialog!

RY Test Session

This blueprint lets you test requirements. That is, for each requirement, have a success/fail toggle.

See more information about this one blueprint.



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