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Links must be created from Jira issues:

While on a Jira issue, press Alt + Shift + R. Alternatively, open the "More" menu and click "Links".

By default, this dialog will search for requirements in the spaces attached to this Jira project. You can search for specific baselines, and only requirements from this baseline will be suggested. To do so, choose the baseline in the "Criteria" input:

At the beginning, only baselines of the spaces attached to the Jira project are displayed. If you type a little more or click "See more" in the drop-down, it will display baselines from other spaces. If you already know which baseline you need, type the space key, followed by "-" and the baseline number. For example "HELI-3".

Select a baseline in the "Criteria" field,

Then click "Actions" => "Show baseline upgrades/downgrades".

How to upgrade:downgrade.mp4

Tip: We save which baseline you have used for an issue, so we display the same baseline by default for the other issues of the same project.

It is not possible to create links to Jira issues using tables.

Links may be created from the Confluence side when using the Jira bulk issue creation and automatically creating the Jira issues.

Since 2.6.3, this screen was slightly modified to accomodate an infinite number of baselines:

  • There is no "Baselines" hyperlink anymore, it was replaced with the "Criteria" field,
  • There is no "Synchronize" hyperlink anymore, they sync is now automatic. If not, then you can type $(".ry-sync-2-div").removeClass("hidden") in the Javascript console, after of course alerting us that this feature is still needed (Please explain your usecase).

Prior to 2.6.3,

  • There was a secondary screen to manage baselines specifically.
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