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From Release 1.3 and above

The additional features for the search, properties and "RY Report" presented in this page were introduced in Requirement Yogi 1.3.

See also: Search Syntax

Filter requirements by type

Honestly, that's awesome.  All columns of a table are now saved as properties. Every column is a property and you can search by this criteria. Let's take this example in the editor:

The requirement will look like this:

  • Each column is both included in the title and in the properties,
  • In the current situation, we've defined that the first column was the title.

Requirement Yogi helps you build the query for each property if the name is short (<80 letters) and without space. For example the property "Category" becomes hyperlinked in the popup, which leads to the search screen with the preset query@Category = 'UI Changes'.

Build clean descriptions for your requirements: The "RY Property" macro

To achieve the configuration of the last section, we've added a small macro in the headers of the table. You can see it on the first screenshot, the name is "RY Properties". Here are the options:

  • Anywhere on a requirement, you can define a property and its value.
  • If it's in a column header, it applies to the whole column.
    • You can "rename" the column for the purpose of the properties. Searchable columns can't contain a space.
    • You can "ignore" the column, if the contents are irrelevant for the requirement.
    • You can set which column contains the correct description of the requirement by ticking "Title".

Create reports for those requirements

Ok, it's the "RY Report" macro. But wait...

Now that we have properties, could we display them as a column? Yes! On the example below, we don't only display all properties in a list below the description, we've also configured the property as a first-class column named "Category".



What's more? The "Resolves" only contains JIRA issues which have the relationship "Resolves".


We've improved the search syntax. You can search by page, by JIRA issue or by property.

key = 'IG-1'The requirement with the exact key.
key ~ 'IG-%'All requirements starting with "IG-".
text ~ '% something'All requirements whose text ends with "something".
page = '467382'All requirements defined on the page with ID 467382.
jira = 'JRA-21'All requirements linked from the issue JRA-21.
@Category = 'Functional'The user-defined property Category must be "Functional".

See Search Syntax for more information.

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