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How to configure the "RY Reports" macro, notably the columns.


In Properties and RY Reports, we've introduced the ability to write reports. This page describes the report syntax.

First, insert the macro named "RY Report":

Then you can edit the properties:


The first 3 parameters are are self-explanatory. The "Columns" field has a specific syntax:

Configuration for "Columns"Result
key, description2 columns.
key, description+properties+links2 columns. The second one contains the description, the properties and the links.
key, @Prop1The value of the property "Prop1" for the requirement
key, jiraThe list of JIRA issues attached to the key.
key, jira@resolvesThe list of JIRA issues, filtered for the relationship named "resolves".

key, description+properties, links+jira

3 columns, the default layout, similar to the search screen.
keyThe key of the requirement
descriptionThe main description of the requirement
propertiesThe properties of the requirement
jiraThe JIRA issues linked to the requirement
statusThe status of the requirement
linksThe pages linked to the requirement
toDependencies to this requirement
fromDependencies created by this requirement
testsTests that apply to this requirement (requires the RY Test and Compliance add-on)


A few formatting options are available:

Field definitionResult
toDisplays the "to" field (as above)
to?format=shortLink to the key only, without a list, without the lozenge
to?format=pageLink to the page only, without a list, without the lozenge
to?format=page&li=falseSame a s above, without showing the bullet pionts of the list.



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