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Take some time to discover

The traceability matrix is the most powerful screen of Requirement Yogi.

At the beginning, there is a list of requirements

We recommend adjusting the search query to only display requirements you are interested in. For example, if you want to filter on the prefix "REQ-", use: key ~ 'REQ-%'.

Add columns to your report

You can add columns using the cog menu:

You can end up with the properties of each requirement. Note the "tree view" on the left, which lets you drill down into requirements.

Connect to Jira

If you have requirements attached to Jira issue, they can be included:

Of course, each Jira field can be displayed in the matrix in Confluence:

All of these options are available using the cog menu:

And if you Jira issues are linked to Jira issues:

This matrix can really gather a lot of information, and we recommend using it a lot.


  • We don't have calculations yet. You can't display the percentage of children in a given status, for example. It can't be used to display % coverage, for example.
  • We don't have filters,
  • We may not have all Jira fields, but we've already developed renderers for Xray fields (Xray integration with Requirement Yogi) and we could do it for you too.

We practically have everything else.

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