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Installing Requirement Yogi in Jira requires to configure the custom field.

There is no installation to perform on the Confluence side.

Connect your Confluence and Jira instances

We need a confirmation that you are administrator on both instances. Please go to the Requirement Yogi administration and connect them.

For Next-Gen Jira projects

On an issue, open the menu and click "Configure",

Click the link at the bottom-right,

Activate Requirement Yogi for this project,

Add the field to the issue.

Edit the field directly, or click the Issue Glance to see the list of requirements.

For classic Jira projects

In classic Jira projects, custom fields are configured as part of configuring the screens of a workflow.


Go to the Requirement Yogi administration and click "Configure the cutom field".

It leads directly to the screen configuration of this custom field, which
you can reach through other paths in Jira.

Add the field to the screens of your choice.

That is it, Requirement Yogi is installed in Jira!

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