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  • Baselines can be deleted.
  • The text and properties of requirements in a baseline can't be modified. However, related requirements that are not included in a baseline can change (obviously).
  • Confluence allows changing the history of pages for space administrators and plugins. Although we won't change the text of requirements, when a user clicks on a requirement to view the page history, Confluence may display the closest version of the page.
  • Images aren't included in the copy of the requirements. Only the URL of the image is. Always take into account that someone may have changed the image underneath a URL, and therefore make the requirement display something else than it was supposed to. It is generally not a good practice to put images in requirements.

The baseline wizard

The wizard to create baselines is displayed if you use the button in the "Baselines" tab. You can bypass this wizard when creating the baseline using the blue "Create" button in the top bar.