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  • Type "Logging" in the search bar. It leads you to the Confluence administration screen about logging.
  • In the textbox in the middle of the screen, type "com.playsql".
  • Choose "INFO" for most information, or "DEBUG" for very detailed information, then click "Add"

2 - Trigger the bug

If you want to retrieve the logs related to a specific issue, then you need to trigger the issue after raising the log level.

2 - Open the logs of Confluence


The default level for our logs is WARN. The levels of logs are DEBUG-INFO-WARN-ERROR-FATAL, and when setting the level back to WARN, it only writes WARN/ERROR/FATAL-level information, and avoids cluttering general logs with DEBUG and INFO messages.

  • Go to the Logging and Profiling admin screen,
  • Click "remove" next to our package name (com.playsql). It only removes the specific setting for this package, and sets the log level back to normal.

Don't forget to send the logs to us.