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titleScaling period

The platform in young. We are in a hardening period:

  • We are actively monitoring the performance, availability and usage.
  • We are progressively adding the features marked with a star ((star)).

The price is temporarily lower as a recognition for any inconvenience that is caused.

After the initial 2 months, we will set the final price (see below). Early adopters keep paying the initial price for 60 days longer. Thank you for joining us!

Features of Play SQL Cloud

Here is the list of differences between Play SQL Spreadsheets for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud.


Sorting and autofilters(tick)(tick)



Audit Trail(tick)(tick)

SQL Queries(tick)(tick)

Joint Tables(tick)(tick)

SQL API(tick)
(star)Please contact us if you want to access your Cloud database using a SQL client
(error)Not available on Cloud.
Excel Export(tick)(tick)Please see the import/export  page for details.
Not currently available on Cloud, but expected by the end of the initial period.

Not available on Cloud. All users can access all data, because we cannot access the space information

and we do not expect to find a solution during the initial period


Page and User renderers(tick)(error)This is the ability to add links to pages and users from cells in spreadsheets.
available on Cloud.
We do not expect to find a solution about this during the intial period.

This table will be updated as make progress.

Pricing of Play SQL Cloud

Play SQL Spreadsheets - Cloud10 Users25 Users50 Users100 Users250 Users500 Users2,000 Users10,000 Users and more

"Scaling period" pricing
(+60 days grandfathering) 

Normal pricing$10$15$20$50$90$175$350$350

Forms are available on Cloud,

but they can't be embedded on a page.