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Keykey = 'IG-1'The requirement with the exact key.
key ~ 'IG-%'All requirements starting with 'IG-'.
Contentstext ~ '% something'All requirements whose text ends with 'something'.
Pagespage = '467382'All requirements defined on the page with ID 467382 (Does not include dependencies)
page ~ '467382'All requirements defined or linked on the page.
Issuesjira = 'JRA-21'All requirements linked from the issue JRA-21.
jira@implements = 'JRA-21'All requirements linked from the issue JRA-21 with the relationship "Implements" (since version 1.5)
NOT (jira ~ '%')Requirements which are not linked to any JIRA issue.
Properties@Category = 'Functional'All requirements where the property 'Category' = 'Functional'.
DependenciesTO = 'REQ-001'Requirements which reference REQ-001.
FROM = 'REQ-001'Requirements which are referenced by REQ-001.
FROM ~ 'REQ-%'Requirements which are referenced by any requirement starting with "REQ-".
FROM@refines = 'REQ-001'Requirements which "refine" REQ-001.

Requirements which have been modified since the baseline '7' of the current space. It works both

with the baseline number and with the baseline name.

Exceldocument excel = '48496653'All requirements imported from the Excel attachment with ID 48496653 (since version 12.140)
excel ~ '%'All requirements imported from an Excel file.


AND, OR, NOTBoolean operators
= '...'Strict equality.
~ '...%...'Soft equality. Use % in the string as a wildcard.
@...Reference to a property of the requirement (if you've defined requirements in columns).


key = ...The key of the requirement. Keys are unique per space.
spaceKey = ...The space key of the requirement (case sensitive).
baseline = ...The baseline name or number, between quotes. All statuses are implicitly included.
status = ...The status of the requirement (ACTIVE, DELETED, MOVED). Default: ACTIVE.
text = ...The contents of the requirement (Does not include the properties).
page = ...The ID of a page linked to the requirement.
jira = ...A JIRA issue linked to the requirement.
jira@relationship = ...A JIRA issue linked with a specific relationship
@aproperty = ...A property with name "aproperty"

to@arelationship = ...

from@arelationship = ...

A dependency with the relationship "arelationship".
excel = ...The ID of the attachment were those requirements are defined.