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Keykey = 'IG-1'The requirement with the exact key.
key ~ 'IG-%'All requirements starting with 'IG-'.
Contentstext ~ '% something'All requirements whose text ends with 'something'.
Pagespage = '467382'All requirements defined on the page with ID 467382 (Does not include dependencies)
page ~ '467382'All requirements defined or linked on the page.
Issuesjira = 'JRA-21'All requirements linked from the issue JRA-21.
jira@implements = 'JRA-21'All requirements linked from the issue JRA-21 with the relationship "Implements" (since version 1.5)
NOT (jira ~ '%')Requirements which are not linked to any JIRA issue.
Properties@Category = 'Functional'All requirements where the property 'Category' = 'Functional'.
DependenciesTO = 'REQ-001'Requirements which reference REQ-001.
FROM = 'REQ-001'Requirements which are referenced by REQ-001.
FROM ~ 'REQ-%'Requirements which are referenced by any requirement starting with "REQ-".
FROM@refines = 'REQ-001'Requirements which are "refined" by REQ-001.

Requirements which have been modified since the baseline '7' of the current space. It works both

with the baseline number and with the baseline name.


Checks the last test is equal to the provided value, using '%' as a wildcard.

Syntax: hasTest( [relationship,] expectedResult [,page])

Syntax: hasLastTest( [relationship,] expectedResult [,page])

Excelexcel = '48496653'All requirements imported from the Excel attachment with ID 48496653 (since version 2.0)
excel ~ '%'All requirements imported from an Excel file.