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From time to time, some scripts fail, because they didn't expect a given situation. To see the error message, it may be required to look into the JavaScript Console.

The JavaScript console and the Network console can both be found in the Developer Tools, and we'll explain how to open them:

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Showing the JavaScript console


Right-click on the page and choose "Inspect Element".
A panel appears, either at the bottom or on the right of the screen. Click on the Console tab.
Clear the console.
Perform the action that triggers the problem.For example, reload the page.
If there are errors (such as in the screenshot), they are displayed in red. Send them to us.

Click on the Network tab. It shows all communications between your browser and the server.

  • Errors are displayed in red. They could have any name ("bulk" is just an example).
  • We're interested in the contents of the Headers and Response tabs.


When you're done, you can close the Developer Tools.