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Please see our Privacy Policy concerning how we manage your data.

How we develop secure software

  • We use code reviews to detect vulnerabilities before merging and delivering to customers,
  • We ensure that we check for permissions for any resources we have, and we regularly review those permissions,
  • We use Git to manage changes, so that any code that goes to production is easily auditable.

How we keep our communications secure


  • We use SSH keys to access our servers,
  • We use HTTPS and SSL certificates to communicate between us and with you.
  • We don't transfer data in clear-text over the network, except in situations where we display a warning such as support requests through emails.

How we keep the data secure


Please see the Privacy Policy on where we store data.

How we




How we ensure continued security

Whenever we are aware of a leak affecting the software we use (for example Heartbleed or Shellshock), we halt the service in emergency and upgrade our systems.

If you notice a vulnerability, please contact us at Should you notice a vulnerability that affects security, please request us to use GPG (documentation from DO or Linode).