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Dear customers,After 7

years, Play SQL Base and Play SQL Spreadsheets are reaching closer to their end-of-life, and we are moving on to focus on Requirement Yogi, We are retiring 2 cloud apps pertaining to SQL, because ensuring data security and maintaining the servers upgraded is a huge task.

We will focus on Requirement Yogi Server/Data Center, and develop a Cloud version, which does 10x more sales.

We will keep all our Server apps, but Atlassian is retiring the Server products.

The story

It has been an awesome ride and we were proud of the software we've achieved with Play SQL Spreadsheets. However, it never met the commercial success we expected. We have to admit that Requirement Yogi produces 10x the revenue of our Play SQL suite, and service providers across the world love using it. With time, we've added many apps that we maintain on the Atlassian Marketplace and it has become too many for us. We want to reduce the quantity of software we maintain, and focus on software we can afford to satisfyingly develop.


As a consequence, we are discontinuing Play SQL Spreadsheets (Cloud). We will update this page later concerning our decision towards server products, maintain Play SQL Base and Play SQL Spreadsheets (Server) for the remaining life of Atlassian's Server products, i.e. until 02/02/2024. There will be no evolutions. We will certainly drop Play SQL Base a bit earlier, which we will decide later.


We have to strike a balance between giving you time to migrate data, respecting our commitments and being able to implement the end-of-life.

titleWe want to ensure you can keep using the Server app

Although we will retire itthe Cloud version, we are ready to work on a one-by-one basis to make sure you:

  • Understand the security model of Play SQL Spreadsheet,
  • If so, we can maintain the compatibility with Confluence, for the usual price of renewed licenses, if you want to keep creating data in Play SQL Spreadsheets on your Confluence Server installation.

We believe this is the best balance between end-of-life and calm migration.

New installationsExisting customers
Play SQL Spreadsheets
(Cloud)New installations will be blocked, starting from 31/09/2020. Existing customers will be strongly encouraged to migrate,
and the service will remain available until 31/12/2020 or the
term of their license, whichever comes later.
Play SQL Spreadsheets
New installations are still possible.

We have decided to postpone our decision for a few months.

In any case, we will maintain upgrades for Confluence compatibility
for 3 years, to support existing customers

We maintain it.

But Atlassian is retiring Confluence Server.

No Data Center version in sight.

We do not retire the Server version, but Atlassian
is retiring the Server version of Confluence.

SQL Connector (Cloud)New installations are blocked since 01/10/2020.

Existing customers are strongly encouraged to migrate.

New queries can't be created in the SQL Connector.

Play SQL Base (Server)We discourage new installations.It may be retired earlier than 2024, we'll announce it later if we
take this decision.

Maintenance – Understanding the risks