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titleNothing to do for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

Only PostgreSQL may require an action here, if you reach 2 billion records.

Requirement Yogi 2.6.4 5 for Confluence and above.


Prior to version 2.6.45, all our database records were identified by IDs which were limited to 2 billion rows.

In version 2.6.45, we've performed the first step of "upgrading" those IDs to the type "long", which supports an almost-infinite number of rows, for the table AO_32F7CE_AOINTEGRATION_QUEUE, which contains the messages sent to Jira.


titleThat is all

Only the table AO_32F7CE_AOINTEGRATION_QUEUE has this issue, from 2.6.4 5 on, and for PostgreSQL only.