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Play SQL was designed for Postgresql. There is no problem if Confluence stores data in MySQL and Oracle, we just require that you provide a Postgres database to Play SQL. Why?

  • We would prefer to become expert in Postgres than support all DBMS. Focus and speed of development are important to us, and supporting other vendors would increase the complexity.
  • Postgresql has everything we expect from high-scale database systems, including schemas, triggers, stored procedures in Java, Python or PgSQL, transactions on DDL, permissions, array types and json support. And performance.
  • Postgresql is free, so why do you pay for a database (wink) ?

In case your company doesn't support Postgres, you can get a database online using the free plan of Heroku Postgres.

Feature matrix

FeatureHyperSQL / PostgresqlMySQL / MS SQL / Oracle / any database supporting JDBC
Setting up(tick)(tick) (1) Note: Requires the installation of the vendor's driver.
Running queries(tick)(tick) (1)
Table index(tick)(error)


  • Create table
  • Edit columns
  • Enter data
Support(tick)(warning) (2)

(1) There will be limitations and issues with other vendors than Postgres. Please report issues so we can fix them. Or fix them yourself, the dialects are open-source !

(2) Only bug reports which can be solved in a reasonable amount of time will be considered.