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Dear customers,

Since Requirement Yogi is now more than 90% of our sales, we want to focus on it. Therefore we have announced in October 2020 the end of the SQL suite:


Cloud products related to SQL:

  • Play SQL Spreadsheets
  • SQL Connector
The service was shut down in early 2021, with different dates depending on customers' needs.

Server products related to SQL:

  • Play SQL Spreadsheets
  • Play SQL Base
  • Play SQL Forms

End of life on February 2nd, 2024. Atlassian announced the end of all Server products, with no new sales as early as 2023.

We will not publish a Data Center version.

Customers are encouraged to migrate their data to other software (see below).

For the moment, we are still planning to provide upgrades during this time, as long as there is no major change in Confluence APIs.

How to exit?

  • You can keep Play SQL Spreadsheets installed with your current version of Confluence forever,
  • You can export the data to Excel,
  • You can access the data through SQL.

Formulas can't be reused in any software. If you want to view them, they are stored in the second column of each table, or in the PLAYSQL_FORMULA_DEPENDENCIES.

What products do we keep?

We keep working on the Requirement Yogi suite, which is now our main product.

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