Since 2.3, Requirement Yogi is able to get some Xray fields from Jira and display them in the traceability matrix. This page summarizes which fields are available.

We're happy to develop more fields, please just ask us detailing your usecase. We are just lacking examples and usecases to go further.

Types of links

If the Jira issue is linked to a Requirement Yogi item, then we can display it! Here are examples:

Type of Xray recordAvailableExample
Requirement → Test(tick)

Requirement → Test Execution(tick)

Requirement → Test plan(tick)

The test plan can display the "execution status" and the associated tests.

Requirement → Test → All results for all executions

  • Extra column: Fix version
  • Extra column: Environment


Since 2.4.12


  • Per environment
  • Per version
  • Latest result


Since 2.4.12

Types of fields

Technical nameNameDisplayed as



Test plan status

Test execution status

Nice coloured renderer for the statuses
com.xpandit.plugins.xray:tests-associated-with-test-plan-custom-fieldTests associatedJira issues