We publish a public API available at docs.requirementyogi.com

2.5.0 is a major version because there are major changes in terms of internal package names and build process, but it has few immediately-visible features. Our performance tests for Data Center show no visible impact for our changes, neither for Confluence nor Jira, so in theory all should go well.

Please configure an administrator username in Jira for the queue.

Set your credentials in ConfluenceSet your credentials in Jira

What are those credentials used for? See JIRA-Confluence integration for Requirement Yogi - Basically it was required
for the best performance, to ensure we support multinode environments and the Data Center requirements.

A new, public API

You are now able to program extensions to integrate Requirement Yogi with other systems!

Public APIhttps://docs.requirementyogi.com
REST APIhttps://docs.requirementyogi.com/restapis/restapis-com.playsql.requirementyogi-2.5.0/
Exemple of implementation

See our ReqIF addon,

Source: https://bitbucket.org/playsql/extensions-reqif

Will be published soon on the Atlassian Marketplace

Unofficial support for ReqIF and other formats

In the next few weeks following RY 2.5.0, we'll publish a plugin which uses our Public API and imports 80% of a ReqIF document.

Note: We won't officially "support ReqIF" because it would require us to support 100% of the ReqIF specification, and most documents exist in other formats than ReqIF. The goal of the plugin is to show how external documents can be supported, and thus make it possible for you to import your own document and do the mappings yourself.

Queue in Jira (a username is required)

Since we've implemented the Jira bulk issue creation for requirements, we've seen issues for users who create more than 2,000 issues and want to keep them in sync.

Minor versions

RY 2.5.0 (both Confluence and Jira)

RY 2.5.1 (Confluence and Jira)

RY 2.5.2 (Confluence only)

RY 2.5.3 (Confluence only)

RY 2.5.4 (Confluence only)

RY 2.5.7 (Confluence and Jira)

RY 2.5.8 (Confluence)

RY 2.5.9 (Confluence and Jira)

RY 2.5.10 (Confluence)